Ariel Broadway Hotel
Ariel Broadway Hotel
Ariel Broadway Hotel
301 Broadway, Lorain, OH 44052
Reservations & Front Desk: 440-246-6669
Manager: 216-202-0593;
Events: 216-548-9605;
GM: 216-577-2420;

Named "2021 Best of Lake Erie, in the category of Best Upscale Hotel" by Lake Erie Living Magazine

Ariel Broadway Hotel

Ariel Broadway Hotel invites you to the
with stunning views of Sunsets, Lake Erie, Lorain Lighthouse,
Black River & the Bascule Bridge
*Fridays and Saturdays, from 5:30pm to Sunset, starting Friday May 19, 2023
Featuring various Northeast Ohio Caterers

(Happy Hour 5:30pm to 6:30pm; Food Served: 6:30pm to 7:30pm;
Cash Bar closes at 10:00pm)
Fridays & Saturdays: $49/person(Age 13 and over) - including Dinner Buffet and 2 Alcoholic beverages
$35/Children(Age upto 12) - including Dinner Buffet and 4 soft drinks


    • The Rooftop Sunset Bar & Bistro may be closed due to bad weather or special events.
    • In case of rain, the event will be moved to the 4th floor Event Center. Tickets are not refundable.
    • Reservations need to be made by Monday before the event.
    • Event dates, timings, and food options may be subject to change.
    • Subject to availability of space, walk-ins are welcome to the Bar for $15/person, including 2 alcoholic drinks or 4 soft drinks
    • Food will not be available for Walk-ins.